[Seminar series] Global injustices, conflict and education futures (23 January to 20 February 2024)

This joint REAL Centre/Centre for Lebanese Studies seminar series tackles multiple and interrelated injustices in the Global South, which manifest in war and genocide, and their interconnection with environmental degradation and resource conflict.

Check the details of each event for locations and online participation options.

  • Education futures in time of genocide and precarity (23 January 2024).
  • Apartheid and education in South Africa and its global forms (25 January 2024).
  • Addressing (post)-colonial and Western biases in climate and sustainability (30 January 2024).
  • Addressing epistemic injustice in education research and practice (6 February 2024).
  • The state we are in: Sudan’s April 15th war (13 February 2024).
  • The impact of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict on education (20 February 2024).

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