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EENET’s new podcast series, hosted by Ayman Qwaider, features education stakeholders living and working in contexts where learners experience exclusion, marginalisation and oppression.

About episode 1.

Our first episode is a special two-part interview with Dr Mohammed Alruzzi. Mohammed and Ayman reflected on their experiences of education in Gaza, as learners and educators. They discussed what the education system has been like in recent decades. And, of course, they focused on the impact of the current war, which has now killed around 24,000 Palestinians (including learners and their teachers) and destroyed so much infrastructure, including schools and teaching and learning equipment/materials. What will happen to Gaza’s education system?

Listen now via SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

Podcast promo graphic which says: Inclusive Education: Unheard Stories. Host Ayman Qwaider. Episode 1. Education in Gaza with Dr Mohammed Alruzzi. There is a microphone image in the centre and EENET's logo in the top right corner.

About the podcast series.

Our podcast guests highlight the challenges learners face with accessing and participating in an inclusive, quality education. They discuss teachers and teaching, policy, attitudes, resources and funding, and much more. Guests are also invited to share their ideas for how to achieve an empowering education for everyone. You can listen on SoundCloud or Spotify and some episodes will also have a video option via YouTube. 

If you would like to be interviewed for the podcast, or know someone who would, please contact us.

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