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Useful publications

Leaflets and posters

Every child needs a well-trained inclusive teacher
IDDC, 2013

This double-sided A4 leaflet was created by IDDC and EENET as a quick reference resource on teacher education and inclusion, for use during the Global Campaign for Education 2013. The diagram from the leaflet is reproduced as a poster inside this newsletter. The leaflet is available in English, Arabic, French, Spanish and German.
Available online at:

Teachers for All: Inclusive teaching for children with disabilities
IDDC, 2013

This policy paper accompanies the IDDC leaflet. It provides more background information on the current situation regarding teaching and teacher training, and offers more in-depth suggestions for actions that can be taken to prepare more teachers for including children with disabilities in regular classrooms.
Available online at:


Deaf children and young people worldwide are too often denied their right to education
Human Rights Watch 2013

This short video highlights the importance of enabling deaf children to learn through the medium of sign language.
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Promoting Inclusive Teacher Education: Advocacy Guides
UNESCO, 2013

This set of five booklets aims to support anyone who wants to engage in advocacy to ensure that pre-service teacher education more adequately prepares teachers for inclusive education. The five booklets are: Introduction, Policy, Curriculum, Materials, Methodology. Each booklet is short and easy to read, and can be read on its own or as part of the set.
Available online at:

Inclusive Education: An Introduction
Leonard Cheshire Disability, 2013

This is a very short booklet looks at how Leonard Cheshire Disability approaches inclusive education and provides some examples from its own programmes around the world.
Available online at:


Equal Right. Equal Opportunity. Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities
Global Campaign for Education, 2013

This report is a preparatory document for the 2014 Global Action Week. It looks at the state of education for children with disabilities and provides suggested strategies for practical and advocacy interventions to promote inclusion.
Available online:


Pasifika Enabling Education Network (Pasifika EENET)

EENET Pasifika logo

This is a new information-sharing regional network that aims to increase knowledge and awareness about inclusive education. It is inspired by, although not directly run by, EENET. Pasifika EENET is the outcome of research by Dr Susie Miles (The University of Manchester); the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat; the Pacific Disability Forum; and involving stakeholders in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati and Samoa. The research listened to children, parents, disabled people, teachers, teacher educators and policy-makers to identify networking and information priorities.

Pasifika EENET’s website was launched by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat in September 2013. See: or