EENET’s inclusive ECE video project – progress update 2

Making a film with a limited budget is challenging and requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. One of the first tasks in our new project to make some inclusive early childhood education videos is therefore to write some storyboard outlines.

The storyboards describe what we want to film – which topics we want to cover and what the main facts or arguments are. We also brainstorm ideas for the sort of footage or images that might help us illustrate these facts and arguments. Because we are making a training video and filming in real-life schools and communities, our storyboards are a bit like wish-lists, showing all the things we hope we can film. It’s not like making a fictional movie where the director can make anything happen, using actors and computer-generated images! In reality we won’t be able to find and film all of the experiences on our wish-list, but we have some extra ideas up our sleeve this time to help with filling gaps.

Once the storyboards have been drafted, we will carry out scoping visits to two countries, so watch this space for news about which countries have been selected.


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