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#CostingEquity poster The recommendations from IDDC's research on disability-responsive education are now summarised on this new #CostingEquity poster. There is also a research report available. (03/12/2016)

*NEW* poster translations The 'Inclusive Transition' poster is now available to download in Arabic, Armenian, French and Swahili. (22/08/2016)

NEW 'Inclusive Transition' poster The 'Inclusive Transition' poster looks at the challenges learners face when moving between grades/schools, and offers some practical solutions. Various language translations coming soon. (08/06/2016)

Arabic translation of call for articles The call for articles for Enabling Education Review 5 is also now available in Arabic . (15/04/2016)

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Inclusive Educaion

Top 5 … most read 'Enabling Education' (EENET newsletter) articles in the last 6 months

  1. Debating the role of special schools in inclusive education (2008)
  2. Focus on Policy: Universal Primary Education in Uganda (2000)
  3. Early marriage and education (2006)
  4. Education for All in China: A Western Perspective (2000)
  5. The benefits of mother tongue education in Senegal (2008)

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