We prepared a booklet to help teachers and other adults do fun activities with learners based on the Enabling Education Review content.Activity Booklet cover

Enabling Education Activity Booklet. Activities to use with children and young people, based on Enabling Education Review Youth Takeover Edition, 2018

The activity booklet offers suggestions for how to use the articles and pictures in the ‘youth takeover’ edition to stimulate discussions about education and inclusion with children and young people. It is aimed at teachers, those who facilitate and supervise learning and recreational activities within and outside school, parents, and young people who support other young people in education.

The suggested activities are based on the main topics covered in this edition of Enabling Education Review. There are activities suitable for learners of different ages and abilities, from very young children upwards. The activities include drawing, games, performance, group discussions, individual reading and thinking tasks, and extended projects. Teachers/facilitators will need to select and adapt activities depending on their context, learners’ ages and abilities, and curriculum opportunities.

Share your experiences

We would love to hear how you have adapted and used any of the activities. Please send us your case stories, photos or videos. With your permission, we will share them on this website to give other teachers/facilitators more ideas.