The videos were used to train functional literacy tutors and playgroup teachers.

We used EENET’s inclusive education videos in Jayapura, which is the provincial capital of Papua province in the far east of Indonesia.

We hold an annual training workshop for government functional literacy tutors and playgroup teachers. At this year’s event (January 2018) I led sessions based around two of the topics from the videos: ‘Preparing lessons’ and ‘Improving the learning environment’.

Before the workshop, I did some important preparation. I translated the video subtitles into Indonesian. I then learnt how to use Aegisub software so that I could create the necessary subtitle files to work with the videos.

The literacy tutors were delighted with the videos. They found them particularly relevant because they were filmed in developing countries and aimed at educators teaching at ‘grassroots’ level. The very first comment a literacy tutor made after watching the ‘Preparing lessons’ video was:

“You don’t have to spend lots of money in order to make good teaching aids.”

I used the videos to lead into a session on writing lesson plans, a skill which many literacy tutors in the informal sector do not have yet.

I also used the video on ‘Improving the learning environment’ with the playgroup teachers to stimulate a brainstorming session about disability. We looked at what hinders learning, and possible solutions. The teachers participated enthusiastically. I made use of the subtitle transcript during this session.

Thanks to EENET for providing these excellent videos!

Alice Eastwood works for YABN and SIL International.