We are committed to providing free printed materials for education stakeholders who have limited internet access.

In the last few years there has been a huge growth in access to the internet. However, millions of people around the world still cannot rely on the internet for communication or to access information. EENET therefore remains committed to providing free hard copies of key resources on inclusive education.

How to order printed resources

Use the online shop: For readers who have some internet access, we have an online shop. You can choose the hard copy resources you would like, and we will send them to you. When you order through the shop, you will be asked to pay the postage and packaging costs. However, if you live and work in a ‘developing’ country and your work is not funded by a large organisation, you can request a voucher entitling you to free postage.

Write to us: If you are not able to order resources online – or if you know people who would like to receive resources but do not have internet access – please contact us. You can send us an email, SMS (mobile phone text message), or a letter by post. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work, and the sort of information you are seeking. Also tell us if you want to receive electronic or hard copies of resources. We will do our best to send you relevant documents in appropriate formats, depending on stock availability.

Funding hard copy distribution

Printing costs and international postage costs rise every year! We need financial support to enable us to maintain our free hard copy distribution service. If you could help, please see our Donate to EENET page for more information.