We help develop and improve organisational and national policy documents.

In recent years we have supported civil society organisations to work with government ministries to develop, improve or update national education and inclusive education policies and strategic plans. We have also assisted NGOs with preparing their own internal policies to guide their work.

We believe that organisational and national policies need to be written by the people who will own and implement those policies, with strong inputs from those whose lives will be impacted by the policies. However, we recognise that this is not always easy, and that additional help is sometimes needed.

When supporting policy development, we aim to:

  • consult diverse stakeholders through accessible methods;
  • work collaboratively with key personnel in the organisation or country so they engage closely in the consultation and writing processes;
  • build ownership of the policy through discussions and participatory workshops. We don’t want to work in isolation to write and hand over a document that simply gathers dust on a shelf because we are the only people who believe in what it says!

If you would like to find out more about the policy development support we can offer, please contact us.

Please note that due to contractual obligations we are not able to publish online all of the policies that we help to develop, but if you contact us we can show you samples of work.