We specialise in simplifying and ‘repackaging’ complex materials for a range of audiences.
Within EENET’s team we have several consultants who are professional editors. This means we can offer the following services, for documents on education and on a wider range of international development topics:

  • copy editing – generally improving readability of the document;
  • substantial editing – reorganising and rewriting content to improve the flow and readability and reduce the length
  • proofreading – usually the final stage before publishing, where we catch last-minute spelling, typing and layout mistakes;
  • summarising and simplifying – we can create shortened versions of long documents;
  • repackaging – we can take materials written for one purpose and convert them for different uses. For example, we might take a complex guidance document and convert it into a short training course or set of easy-to-read booklets for parents or children.

If you would like to find out more about our editing services, please contact us.

Please note that due to contractual obligations we are not able to publish online all the documents that we edit or adapt, but if you contact us we can show you samples of work.