An Inclusive Day: Building Foundations for Learner-Centred Inclusive Education

EENET’s 10 short videos on inclusive education, looking at the many things we need to consider in a typical school day.

Watch the ‘Inclusive Day’ videos on YouTube.

Inclusive Beginnings

Two videos from EENET:

  • Inclusive practice in early childhood development and education;
  • Inclusive transition.

Watch the ‘Inclusive Beginnings’ videos on YouTube.

Inclusion in Remote Learning

Three short videos published by British Council and produced by EENET.

  • Inclusive home learning;
  • Gender inclusion in remote learning;
  • Making remote learning more inclusive.

Watch the ‘Inclusion in remote learning’ videos on YouTube.

Young Voices: Young people’s views of inclusive education

A short video published by the Atlas Alliance, sharing the experiences and opinions of learners in Tanzania and Uganda.