We took a low-cost approach to the filming.

Grants from OSF and Light for the World enabled us to film in a range of schools and communities in Burkina Faso, Burma and Ukraine. We also filmed some scenes in a school in London.

In each country we used either a single film-maker or a very small team. We wanted to practise with an approach that would be affordable in the future, so we could make more short videos.

We created a storyboard for a set of videos, based around the idea of a typical school day. For instance, we filmed children before school and on the journey to school; we filmed teachers preparing lessons and materials; and we also filmed lessons being taught, breaktimes, sport and homework after school. Where possible we filmed what was really happening in the schools, but a few times we asked people to do specific activities so that we could record them.

We collected a huge amount of footage and spent several months editing it to create 10 practical, easy-to-follow videos. Finally, we added a few short animations and wrote a trainer’s guide for each video.