There are four short self-study courses.

What are the courses about?

The courses are available free-of-charge on EENET’s LearnLink platform. Here’s a quick summary of what they cover:

‘Inclusive Beginnings’ courses

  • Inclusive practice – you will learn about making pre-school teaching and learning environments and practices more inclusive. Many of the ideas are relevant for primary schools too.
  • Inclusive transition  – you will earn about supporting learners when they transition between classes or levels.

‘Versatile Videos’ courses

  • Training – you will explore simple ways to use videos during inclusive education training workshops.
  • Advocacy – you will look at how to use videos within your inclusive education advocacy activities.

All 4 courses involve light reading, watching short video clips, and doing fun activities, and you will get a certificate for completing each course.

Creating conversations

  • There are two WhatsApp groups for the courses. You can discuss the courses and your own experiences/ideas with EENET and other educators globally.
  • You could take the courses with your colleagues, or discuss the activities with each other.

What next?

Here is some guidance on how new students can register for a LearnLink account.

If you have problems accessing the courses, or want to discuss topics raised in the courses, please email us:

Enjoy the new courses!