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This edition of Enabling Education Review is filled entirely with the views and experiences of children and young people under 25. Some parents, teachers and other adults helped them to submit their contributions.

Young contributors Thanks to…
Nejat Mohammed Light for the World, Ethiopia
Munkayila Ayinawa, Elizabeth Bakionesu, Abubakari M. Hafiz, Lantede Kwasi Awudu Modoc, Ghana
N. Harshaavardhini, Jacob Sunder Singh Paul Sunder Singh, Karunalaya Center for Street and Working Children, Chennai, India
Keanu Arya Banendra, Isti Karisma Muslimah Elga Andriana, Indonesia
Siska Layla Nurcahya, Nadya Anjana Hauschild Alexander Hauschild, Indonesia
Lourimesally Akinyi, Vallary Akoth, Maryann Anyanga, Alice Apiyo, Joy Atieno, Vivian Atieno, Davis Mwala, Sylvia Auma Odhiambo, Tony Omand, Brevil Onditi Mike Wamaya, Project Elimu, and Mary Auma Otieno, Woodley Nazarene Primary School, Kibera, Kenya
Stanley Njuguna Kibue Jiamini, Kenya
Nicholaus Jackson Ambwene, Evelyne Makelo, Stella Martin, Vumilia Michael, Fransisca Charles Mligwa, Queen Epafra Mushi Bonavitha Gahaihi, VSO Tanzania
Denis, Richard Faisal Kapeli, S.A.L.V.E. International, Jinja, Uganda
Luyando Maria Dimuna Hellen Shakele, Zambia
Suna Juma, Zahra Said, Fauzia Salim, Warda Said Juma, State University of Zanzibar
Young researchers, primary school and kindergarten pupils in Armenia and Ukraine Mainstream School No. 20 and Kindergarten No.15, Yerevan, Armenia; School No. 83, Dzhereltse Primary School, and Pre-school Educational Institution No. 37, Lviv, Ukraine.
Gohar Tadevosyan and Hripsime Nazaretyan, Bridge of Hope, Armenia; Natalia Sofiy and Julia Naida, Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation; and Alina Treytiak, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine.
Lukas Corcoran-Oien Su Corcoran, EENET, UK (Lukas is from the USA)
Nancy Mellor, Katie Double Wise Owl at 4th Didsbury Brownies, UK

We would also like to thank our editorial team – Alice Bloom, Jakob Corcoran-Oien, Diana De Cendres Khasa, Faiza Khan, Hannah Lewis and Ben Perry – who read and reflected upon the contributions of our authors and artists.

This publication was supported by a grant from Foundation Open Society Institute in co-operation with the Early Childhood Programme of the Open Society Foundations.