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Useful publications


Inclusive Education in Low-Income Countries. A Resource for Teacher Educators, Parent Trainers and Community Development Workers
Mariga, L, McConkey, R, and Myezwa, H, 2014
This book documents the authors’ extensive experience of inclusive education in Lesotho, Tanzania and Zanzibar. It covers a wide range of issues, such as planning, advocacy, working with parents and communities, and inclusive teaching and classroom practice.
Available online at:

Send All My Friends to School. A Global Campaign for Education UK evaluation of the UK’s aid to education for children with disabilities
GCE UK, 2014
This report looks at how the UK Department for International Development has addressed inclusive education for children with disabilities. It reviews DFID’s policy and practice in relation to education for children with disabilities, given that it is the largest bilateral donor to education.
Available online at:

The Right to Learn. Community participation in improving learning
Save the Children, 2013
Despite increasing access to schools, millions of children are still unable to read, write or calculate. More efforts is needed to ensure that children are both in school and learning. A key factor in achieving this is the engagement and action of parents and local communities to demand improvements in their children’s schools and learning outcomes. This book highlights effective approaches to empower parents and communities to demand change, and provides a set of recommendations.
Available online at:


Participatory Video with Children. Facilitator’s Manual
War Child Holland, 2012
This manual was developed to support qualitative data collection about children with disabilities in Sudan, but could be adapted and used in other contexts. The participatory video approach in this project sought to enable children to identify peers with disabilities who were ‘hidden’ and explain the challenges they face in accessing education, so that the community could be encouraged to find solutions.
Available online at:

Inclusive Learning. Children with disabilities and difficulties in learning. Topic Guide
Howgego, C, Miles, S and Myers, J, 2014
This Topic Guide is published by The Health and Education Advice and Resource Team (HEART). It brings together evidence on what works in inclusive learning for children aged 3 to 12 years with disabilities and/or difficulties in learning in low and middle income countries, and explores the role of inclusive approaches in contributing to inclusive societies and ultimately inclusive growth.
Available online at:


The Right to Education Global Database
This is an online database designed to be a practical tool for monitoring, research and advocacy. It contains over 1,000 official documents, including constitutions, legislations and policies on education from nations across the globe. It aims to inform key players on the legal status of education worldwide and foster regional and international cooperation.
Browse the database at: