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EENET news

2014 has been a very busy year for EENET! Here is a quick taste of some of the things we have been working on:

Improvements to EENET’s website
We have been developing a video catalogue for our website, which offers a selection of videos from around the world that show different aspects of inclusive education (see pages 22-23). If you have a video that you think we should include in the catalogue, let us know.

We have also added many new articles, reports, and manuals to the website this year. We now have over 800 items available. To make searching through this extensive database easier, we have added an ‘advanced search’ facility. This enables you to cross-reference your searches by theme, country or region, and type of

An online subscription option has been added to the website – so you can sign up to receive the annual Enabling Education Review plus other emails from us throughout the year. We will be expanding the range of features available to subscribers in the coming year.
EENET’s consultancy team has also had a very busy year. We have been involved in consultancies in countries such as Afghanistan, Burkina Faso Liberia, Kenya, Libya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestine, South Sudan, Timor Leste and Zanzibar. The consultants have worked on teacher education projects, scoping studies, evaluations, action research projects, policy development, data analysis and much more. The income we earn from consultancies helps to fund our free information and networking activities (like this edition of Enabling Education Review).

Find EENET on social media
Our volunteers regularly share interesting news articles, publications and events via our social media pages. You can also email or message us via these pages if you have an inclusive education related story, announcement or document that you would like us to share.
Twitter: @GlobalEENET

EENET has a blog, with posts/articles from our directors, volunteers and consultants on a range of different topics. For instance, there’s an article from Ayman Qwaider – “Gaza: an education system under siege” – detailing the impact that the recent conflict in Gaza has had on the education system.