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Useful publications


Teachers can help everyone learn – Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies, 2010
This poster accompanies INEE Pocket Guide to Supporting Learners with Disabilities. It summarises key points from the pocket guide, and can be used to encourage people to read the guide.

Available at:
Pocket guide available at:

Limited numbers of pocket guide and poster hard copies are available from EENET.


Children of Armenia Speak Out… about good teachers (poster) and Children of Armenia Speak Out… about inclusive education (poster), World Vision Armenia, 2011
Two posters featuring children’s views gathered during a project evaluation. They highlight what children think inclusive education is and what they think makes a ‘good’ teacher. They also promote the concept of pupil voice.

Available at: and


Quality Inclusive Education to End Exclusion – IDDC, 2012
This poster summarises key quality indicators for inclusive education, and highlights important factors that underpin successful inclusive education.

Available at:

Limited number of hard copies available from EENET.





INEE online inclusive education training module – INEE, 2012
The Education in Emergencies training package consists of modules with PowerPoint slides, facilitator guides and exercises. Module 15 is about Inclusive Education in Emergencies.

All modules available at:


Realising Rights: Changing Lives. Video user’s guide, Babul’s story Sightsavers, 2011
“Realising Rights: Changing Lives” is a film showing examples of Sightsavers’ work with people with visual impairments. It focuses on social inclusion and can be used for awareness raising. The guide suggests different ways to use the inclusive education section of the film featuring a boy called Babul. 14 pages.

Available at: Video available at:





Sightsavers Inclusive Education Work in Bangladesh. Summary of a scoping study 2010 Sightsavers, 2012
This summary document provides an overview of Sightsavers’ work on inclusive education in Bangladesh. It highlights key lessons learned, as well as experiences and best practices that can be built on or expanded, and areas that still need to be improved. 20 pages.

Available online at:

Limited number of free hard copies also available from EENET.





Community-Based Rehabilitation: CBR guidelines – Education chapter – WHO, 2010
Multilateral agencies have worked together to develop these CBR guidelines. This particular chapter focuses on education and is broken down into sections ranging from early childhood care to lifelong learning. It contains multiple case studies from around the world and a range of suggested activities. 79 pages. ISBN: 978-92-4-154805-2

Available at: (note this is a large download – 4mb)




Implementing Inclusive Education: A Commonwealth Guide to Implementing Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Second Edition) – Richard Rieser, 2012
This book provides an action plan, based on first-hand evidence of what works and ways in which barriers can be overcome to make a reality of the United Nations goal of Education for All. 348 pages. Price: £25.

Available from:

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