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Useful Publications

An Investigative Study of the Abuse of Girls in African Schools Education paper no. 54 (2003)
F. Leach, V. Fiscian, E. Kadzamira, E. Lemani, P. Machakanja
Available from:
Tel: +44 1355 843132

Education in Emergencies: A toolkit for starting and managing education in emergencies (2003) (857k)
Save the Children UK
A strong case is made in this publication for the importance of including education as a fundamental part of emergency response. It explores which children are affected by an emergency and how their education opportunities may have changed. The book includes ten sets of tools with topics ranging from assessment to teacher education.

Helping Children Who Are Deaf (2004)
S. Niemann, D. Greenstein, D. David
ISBN: 0-942364-44-9
Developed in partnership with families with children who are deaf, deaf adults, community-based development workers, health workers and educators in over 17 countries, this is a practical, accessible and appropriate publication. It is the second book in Hesperian’s Early Assistance Series for children with disabilities aged 0-5.
Available from:
The Hesperian Foundation
PO Box 11577
California 94712-2577
Website: See details on Hesperian’s website
Price: $12

Inclusive Education Initiatives for Children with Disabilities: Lessons from the East Asia and Pacific Region (2003)
Published by Darnsutha Press Co. Ltd, Thailand
Available from:
East Asia and Pacific Regional Office
19 Phra Atit Road
Bangkok 10200
Tel: + 66 23569400
Fax: +66 22803563/4

Missing Out on Education (2003)
Save the Children UK
ISBN 1 84187 077 3
This publication focuses on four groups of vulnerable learners in the UK whose education is interrupted often for considerable lengths of time. They include young people who are labelled as having emotional and behavioural difficulties, refugees and asylum seekers, those affected by domestic violence, and those with complex medical needs.
Available from:
Plymbridge Distributors
Tel: +44 (0)1752 202301
Price: £6.95 +p&p
For more details see Save the Children’s website

Planning Working Children’s Education. A guide for education sector planners (2004)
Save the Children UK
This paper analyses working children’s situations and their relation to education strategies. It looks at eight case studies of education provision for working children, and SC UK’s own experience in supporting education for working children, and offers a set of recommendations on how the needs of working children should be addressed within education sector planning.

Schools for All: Including disabled children in education (2002)
Save the Children UK
These are useful guidelines aimed at education staff trying to develop inclusive education practices for disabled children. As well as the printed version, this resource is now available in English Braille and audio formats ‘ contact EENET for copies. Schools for All is also available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Village Learning through Children’s Schooling
S. J. Mosko
This attractive and easy-to-read book documents a pilot programme in North Gonder zone, Amhara. It demonstrates an alternative and sustainable route to basic education for children living in this area. The book argues that the adoption of alternatives to formal schooling is essential if EFA is to be achieved.
Available from:
Save the Children Norway
PO Box 6589
Addis Ababa