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Focus on Gender
For the first time in Enabling Education we have featured articles about gender issues in education. The articles discuss the effects of early marriage on education, and violence towards girls in African schools. We intend to have a section on gender issues on our website, in addition to sections on conflict and emergencies; child rights; ethnicity; and many others.

Writing Workshops
EENET has been involved in an action research project in Tanzania and Zambia during the last two years. Details are available in the ‘action learning’ section of our web site. Soon we will be disseminating a collection of stories from teachers’ involved in the project in Mpika, Zambia. The provisional title is ‘Researching our Experience’. We are aiming to produce a set of Guidelines on how to do ‘Writing Workshops’ which will also be available in CD-ROM format.

Website News
Since the last newsletter was published the number of hits on our site has doubled. In March 2003 we had 156,000 hits – and there were 13,500 users!

Whole school improvement for all

EENET was involved in producing a document and a poster for Save the Children UK – entitled ‘Schools for All: Including disabled children in education’ – which are downloadable from EENET’s website. The document is also available in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. This diagram appears on the poster. We have added some blank boxes for you to fill in. We think there are many points missing from the diagram, such as policy, administration, leadership and management. We would like to invite readers to produce their own diagrams. As is shown in the article on page 3 the quality of teacher education has an impact on whole school improvement and on the quality of educational inclusion.