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It is now 5 years since EENET was established. Throughout that period we have tried to promote the sharing of easy-to-read information amongst people interested in improving educational opportunities for marginalised groups of learners. Our focus is on those groups that are often overlooked. We do this not as an act of charity, but because of our commitment to the rights of all children to be educated.

Example of pupil’s project work

The theme of rights could not be more timely given the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children, due to be held in New York.

Since the World Summit for Children in 1990, and the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, more than 155 countries have developed National Programmes of Action. Despite all this international activity few of the necessary changes have been made. In particular, there has been a failure to address the barriers that make it difficult for some children to participate.

Our concern is that despite the emphasis on Education for All, many children’s right to education continues to be ignored. In this issue of Enabling Education we focus once again on how committed people around the world are working at the community level to make education for all a reality.

These accounts illustrate how people working together can reach out to those groups of learners who have traditionally experienced the greatest levels of discrimination, such as those with disabilities.