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Your Letters

I wish to thank you very much for sending us your newsletters recently. I am a special education teacher in charge of a unit for mentally handicapped children at Moiben primary school. I am also a secretary for Ranymoi Self-Help Group which is a group of poor peasant farmers whose children drop out of school due to poverty and develop drug abuse and alcoholism for lack of useful engagements. The self-help group involves itself with assisting members in their farm activities, like poultry, dairy and crop production to enable them to send their children to school. I was so impressed by your activities and would appreciate if you involved our group closely.
Mrs DJ Tangui, PO Box 166, Moiben, Kenya.

About the Agra seminar…

As a direct result of the Agra seminar we were able to conduct a 2-month course on Inclusive education (IE) for 22 participants from 7 states in India and one lone guy from Kenya. We happily used all the materials we picked up in Agra: books, videos, charts etc. Attending your seminar gave us a big advantage as trainers and organisers of an IE course. We are planning a 4-week course for the next round.
Ms Aloka Guha, Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu, Opp TTTI, Taramani Road, Chennai 113, Tamil Nadu, India

The Agra seminar is like a bank account that keeps on gaining interest every now and then.
Sister Anna Lamon, PO Box 214, Juba, Sudan.

The Agra seminar was one of the best that I have ever attended. The way it was organised, the experiences shared and the effective role of the team of facilitators have all been a guiding principle in my work as a co-ordinator for IE. Gradually IE is gaining recognition within the Ghana Education service as a system of providing education for all.
NAY Worgbeyi, PO Box K451, Accra-Newtown, Ghana.