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Your Letters – in response to Enabling Education Issue No. 1

“Have you used the UNESCO Resource Pack?
What have your experiences been?”

We received the following letter in response to this question posed in EENET’s Newsletter, Issue no 1.

I am a tutor at Tamale Teacher Training College in Ghana and I want to share with you my experience with the UNESCO Resource Pack. I was first introduced to the Pack in November 1994 at a workshop organised for selected tutors from teacher training colleges and educational administrators in Ghana.

After the workshop I became one of the resource persons responsible for introducing the Pack to my colleagues and to teachers in primary schools. The Pack has increased my knowledge in facilitating teaching and learning. I now find teaching very easy and more interesting.

Teachers in schools where we have introduced the Pack are equally pleased. It has increased their knowledge of teaching techniques and their skills.

Yours faithfully,
Mohammed A Rashid
Tamale Teacher Training College . PO Box 1 E/R . Tamale . Ghana



The following letter was written by one of the facilitators at the Agra seminar.


We have had a series of meetings at the Save the Children Fund (SCF-UK) office in Delhi regarding follow-up of the inclusive education seminar in Agra, India. Let me tell you about one such initiative on June 29th when we held a one day meeting in Delhi on agenda setting for inclusive education.

Participants came from national and international non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, the corporate sector and the media.

We showed the video of the Agra seminar and had a panel discussion on the issues raised in the film and their relevance to the Indian context.
In the afternoon we had a more focused discussion about how to take inclusive education forward in a pilot area in Delhi. Achievable action plans were developed for 1998-99, which will be discussed by the participants with their organisations.

I thoroughly enjoyed facilitating this group meeting and look forward to the next. Let us see how this enthusiasm takes off.

Yours faithfully,
Anupam Ahuja . A-59 Malviya Nagar . New Delhi 110017 . Tel: 9111 622 6845 . Fax: 9111 436 2798 . Email:



Your Questions

Do you have any questions about inclusive education? Here are a few of the questions that were only partly answered at the Agra seminar.

What is the role of special schools in inclusion?
What does inclusion mean for profoundly deaf children?
How can we broaden our approach to include all issues of difference?
Do you have any of the answers? Or do you have other questions you’d like answering? If so write to us at EENET.