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Regional news

EENET Zambia
EENET Zambia has started an email discussion group. The e-group aims to promote dialogue on inclusive education, highlight the education challenges faced by Zambian communities, and enable local solutions to be found. The group is open to anyone interested in contributing to the development of inclusive education in Zambia. To join the group, please email or

EENET langue française
A French language email discussion group has also started with the help of one of EENET’s volunteers. To join the group please email If you have any questions about the email group please contact Olivia Van Den Bergen at

EENET Eastern Africa
The co-ordinating team for this regional network is currently developing the network’s first newsletter. If you would like to contribute a short article about your experiences of inclusive education in Eastern Africa, or discuss ideas for an article, please email:
To subscribe to the regional email group please email

EENET Asia’s newsletters cover a wide range of inclusive and child-friendly education issues across the Central, South and South-East Asia region. The editing team is looking for articles from countries that have not yet been featured, such as Korea (South and North), the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkmenistan. They are also keen to receive more articles from teachers, parents, students and others working on education at the ‘grassroots’ level.

If you would like to receive the Asia regional newsletter, or would like to contribute an article write to:
Jalan Panglima Polim X No. 9
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12160