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Capacity Building of Teacher Training Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa
UNESCO (2005)

Summarises evaluations of teacher training institutions and UNESCO’s work in the region.
Available in English/French from:

Developing Inclusive Teacher Education
Tony Booth, Kari Nes and Marit Strømstad (2003)

This book provides an insightful analysis of how inclusion might be promoted in teacher education, using examples from England, Scotland, Norway, New Zealand and the USA.
Published by Routledge
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Taylor & Francis Group Ltd
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ISBN 0-415 30318 4
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Guidelines for Inclusion: Ensuring Access to Education for All

UNESCO (2005)
This publication aims to change attitudes regarding inclusion, so that Education for All can become a reality. It serves as a policy tool for formulating and revising Education for All plans and can be a basis for discussion among policy makers, educators, NGOs and international organisations interested in promoting education.
Available from:
7, place de Fontenoy,
75352 PARIS 07 SP

Guidelines and Recommendations for Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability
UNESCO (2005)

This document looks at the issue of education for a more sustainable future. In particular it addresses how teacher education programmes can be revised to fit broader environmental, social, and economic conditions and goals.
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This website shares international development research to policy makers and practitioners, and contains many articles about teacher education issues.

Inclusive Classrooms: The use of images in active learning and action research EENET (2005)

This report provides further details of EENET’s image-based action research project with school students and teachers in Mpika, Zambia.
Available from EENET

Inclusive Education E-newsletter

In May 2005, Healthlink Worldwide and the Disability Action Council, Cambodia ran a three-day roundtable discussion in Cambodia, attended by over 60 people interested in inclusive education. Their experiences and enthusiasm prompted the development of an electronic newsletter. The e-newsletter covers issues such as, the inclusion of deaf children in mainstream schools, the importance of giving parents a voice, disabled teachers as role-models, and research opportunities in inclusive education. It was produced by Healthlink Worldwide and Susie Miles from EENET, as part of the Disability Knowledge and Research Programme.
Available from:

Learning from Difference

EENET’s guidelines for practitioners wishing to use action research in their inclusive education work is now available in printed format (as well as on CD-ROM) in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
Available from EENET.

Initiative on Teacher Training in sub-Saharan Africa (TTISSA)

UNESCO has launched this high-priority initiative for 2006-15 to help sub-Saharan countries restructure national teacher policies and teacher education. It aims to increase the number of teachers and improve the quality of teaching. Seventeen countries are participating in the first phase of the initiative.
More information is available at:

What Makes Teachers Tick?
VSO (2002)

Produced as part of a VSO advocacy project – Valuing Teachers – this report explores teachers’ perspectives on factors that influence their motivation, and identifies policy and practice changes needed to enhance their motivation.
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Many of the useful publications listed here are electronic/Internet resources. EENET readers who are unable to access Internet documents are encouraged to contact us, as we may be able to provide you with photocopies, or electronic versions on CD.