Useful and thought-provoking reading on the challenges of providing appropriate inclusive learning during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

Digital divide

Access to digital learning during COVID-19 closures: compounding educational inequality? (2 April 2020)

This UKFIET blog post uses data from Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam to show which learners are most and least likely to access online learning alternatives. They highlight disparities due to family income, rural/urban locations, and gender.

Kenya: 80% of Students Missing Virtual Learning Amid School Closures (18 May 2020)

This article briefly reports on a study showing the scale of the digital divide in Kenya

Education system management 

Three ways to plan for equity during the coronavirus school closures (25 March 2020)

This UNESCO blog post highlights 3 areas where planning is crucial during this period of mass home learning: tackling the digital divide; finding alternatives to school meals; planning support for diverse learning needs.

Prevent a lost learning generation: nine recommendations to policymakers in response to Covid-19 (9 April 2020)

This UKFIET blog highlights key areas for consideration, including the quality of learning, equality of access and support, the role of teachers, supporting parents, and planning for schools re-opening.

Education response to COVID-19: How can basic education be implemented in Ethiopia? (11 May 2020)

This UKFIET blog outlines 5 strategies for supporting basic education during the crisis.

Gender equality

Covid-19 school closures around the world will hit girls hardest (31 March 2020)

This UNESCO blog post shares lessons from the Ebola crisis, indicating that the risk of sexual exploitation, pregnancy and early and forced marriage may increase during Covid-19. Actions based on the Ebola crisis experience are suggested.

How is Covid-19 affecting girls around the world? (21 May 2020)

This ActionAid blog post highlights that Covid-19 has given rise to violence and widened the gap in education for the most vulnerable girls around the world.

Many girls won’t go back to school when lockdown is over (27 May 2020)

This UKFIET / Devex blog looks at the likely longer-term impact of the current crisis on girls’ education.

Learners with disabilities

How is the coronavirus affecting learners with disabilities? (30 March 2020)

This World Education Blog post looks at some of the ways in which learners with disabilities are being affected and a few examples of actions being taken.

Connect and adapt to learn and live: Deaf education in Sri Lanka (7 May 2020)

This UKFIET blog looks at the situation for Deaf learners during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Education for All’ under Lockdown: the path ahead for inclusion of children with disabilities (9 June 2020)

This UKFIET blog looks at steps being taken to support learners with disabilities and their families in India during the current crisis.

Post-Covid-19 planning

Education after COVID-19. Asking new questions about why and how we learn will help us face the biggest test of all (2020)

A thought-provoking article about the opportunities for change that could emerge following the crisis.

Post COVID-19 and SDG4: Window of Opportunity or of Opportunism? (26 May 2020)

This UKFIET blog looks at the potential impact of the crisis on achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Teachers and teaching

A new world for teachers, education’s frontline workers (30 March 2020)

This blog post reports briefly on a UNESCO webinar focusing on the challenges facing the 63 million (as of late March) teachers whose schools are closed. The webinar discussed teacher wellbeing and support, and building teachers’ skills to support learning in a totally new environment.

Inclusive from the Start: Building Inclusivity into Education Programming During COVID-19 School Closures—and Beyond (29 May 2020)

This blog suggests various practical ways to make learning at home more inclusive and responsive to diverse learners’ needs.