Practical advice and recommendations on supporting appropriate inclusive learning outside the formal school system, and addressing the challenges of returning to school.


‘How to learn at home with your deaf child’ and ‘Activities to help you learn at home with your deaf child’

These short, easy-to-read guidance documents from Deaf Child Worldwide provide advice for parents and caregivers who are supporting their children to learn at home. They emphasise a very important message: “Don’t worry about trying to recreate school at home. Think about creating an environment where your child can learn in a natural way.”


Inclusive education sector guiding note on COVID-19. Humanity & Inclusion (19 March 2020)

This document offers some practical suggestions for actions to support learners with disabilities where schools are closed and where they remain open.


Guidance notes from Humanity & Inclusion, 2020

Guidance Note 1, Inclusive Digital Learning

Guidance Note 2, Teacher Resources

Guidance Note 3, Home Support


Gender equality

Girls’ Education and Covid-19. What past shocks can teach us about mitigating the impact of pandemics (April 2020)

This paper uses insights from previous health and financial shocks to understand how the current global pandemic could affect girls’ education outcomes for years to come. (Many of the messages will also be relevant to the situation for other marginalised groups.) It details how governments and international institutions can mitigate the immediate and longer-term effects of the pandemic on the most marginalised girls.


Education beyond Covid-19

Framework for Reopening Schools (UNICEF, April 2020)
This framework has been prepared to inform the decision-making process on when to reopen schools, support national preparations and guide the implementation process, as part of the overall public health and education planning processes.

Plan for School Reopening (IIEP-UNESCO 2020)
This brief guidance provides advice and information for education planners and decision-makers who are anticipating the reopening of schools following closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Weighing up the risks: School closure and reopening under COVID-19 (Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action and INEE, July 2020)

This paper aims to help decision makers frame a holistic analysis of school closure on the wellbeing of children and young people, and to consider the safe reopening of schools.

Save our Education. Protect every child’s right to learn in the COVID-19 response and recovery. (Save the Children, July 2020)

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 1.6 billion learners were out of school. The longer they are out of school, the greater the risk that millions won’t return at all. Save the Children’s report shows how COVID-19 may impact education funding. It highlights changes needed, and recommendations for governments and the international community to support every child’s to return to school and the rebuilding of better education