What is EENET?

EENET is an inclusive education information-sharing network, open to everyone. Our network includes teachers, parents, students, non-governmental organisations, policy-makers, and more. We promote and share information and documentation mostly originating in the South (developing countries). We encourage critical thinking, innovation and conversations within and between countries, on issues of inclusion, equity and rights in education. We promote concepts of inclusion by being inclusive and participatory in our own practices. We also offer consultancy services to international and national NGOs, UN agencies and governments.

EENET's key activities


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EENET's vision, mission and values (HTML)

EENET leaflet (PDF 850k)

EENET's 10th anniversary poster (PDF 1mb) To receive printed copies of this poster, please contact us.

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Documents relating to evaluations of EENET’s work

Evaluating EENET (Authors: Miles, S and Lewis, I. Date: 2007. Country: global. HTML 0kb)

EENET: Looking to the future (Author: EENET. Date: 2007. Country: global. HTML 0kb)

Seven Years of Conversations: An analysis of EENET's correspondence records 1997 - 2004 (Author: Lewis, I. Date: 2004. Country: Global. PDF 340k)

Summary of the evaluation of EENET, 2006 (Authors: Little, D and Waljee, A. Date 2006. Country: global, PDF 50kb)

You can also find older articles about EENET's development under 'networking' within the 'newsletters and resources' section.