EENET Newsletter: Issue 8


"Education is a human right with immense power to reform. On it's foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable development... there is no higher priority, no mission more important, that that of Education for All"

Kofi Annan (1998)



Focus on Policy: Language and inclusion, Lao PDR
Inclusive education and parents' involvment in Mongolia
Working children and education
Post-primary education, Kenya

Focus on Salamanca


Promoting inclusive, learner-friendly environments in the Asia-Pacific region
An inclusive approach to EFA: UNESCO's role
Moving towards inclusive teacher education
Inclusive education through community development, Bangladesh
Developing inclusive environments, Oriang, Kenya
Including deafblind children
What is the culture of inclusion?
Focus on policy development, Sri Lanka
C-EMIS as a tool for inclusive education for all
Inclusion in Central Java, Indionesia
UNESCO's useful publications

Parents promote change in Tanzania
Andrew's Story, St Lucia
Including blind children in St Lucia
Networking in the Caribbean
Fostering partnerships for education policy and reform, Vietnam

Regional News
Your Letters/Emails
Useful Publications

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