Readers' Survey

We have been talking for some time about producing a collection of stories entitled 'Family Action for Inclusion'. We have now decided to make the stories available on the web site and to work on a more practical handbook for parents' organisations, using some of the material we have gathered so far. We hope this will have a longer shelf-life.

The need for regionalisation
The largest number of responses came from Africa, closely followed by Europe and South Asia. Only a small number came from South-East Asia, South Pacific and North and South America. This indicates the need for a more regionalised approach.

Access to key documents
Almost half of those that responded said that they had no access to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Salamanca Statement and the UN Standard Rules.

Access to technology
Over half of those who responded had access to a computer, email, internet, fax, telephone.

Most interesting pages
Successful stories of inclusive education and useful publications were voted the most popular.

Enabling Education has been translated into 8 languages by readers: Romanian; Spanish; Catalan; Kannada; Bengali; Nepali; Sinhalese; Luganda.


EENET's web site on CD!

A CD was sent to everyone on the mailing list free of charge in June 2001 by Inclusive Technology.

"When I got the CDs I rushed to a colleague next door - we spent at least 6 hours enjoying!"
P Chauke, Zimbabwe

Other News

'Learning from Difference'
Portugal, May 20-21 2002

EENET is preparing its first seminar for national and regional partners to discuss ways in which information sharing can be regionalised.

'Family Action for Inclusion in Education'
This easy-to-read guide to the role of parents and other family members in promoting inclusive practices document will be published in May. It is based on the stories collected over the last few years which are available on the web site.

'Deafness & Inclusion'
"What does the South Really Want from the North?"

This is the title of a seminar which will take place in Birmingham, UK, June 7-8 2002. It is co-organised by the Deaf Africa Fund and EENET and is already fully subscribed.



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