"Promovendo a Educação"

Extract from EENET's Newsletter, Enabling Education, Issue No. 2

Ana Bernard da Costa translated "Enabling Education" Issue No 1 into Portuguese. In a short interview Ana describes how and why she took this initiative to produce and disseminate 'Promovendo a Educação'.

"I think you exaggerate what we have done! It wasn't such a big job!"

Why did you decide to translate EENET's newsletter, "Enabling Education"?
I think it is very important that our teachers are aware of the world dimension of the Inclusive Schools movement. They need to know about the problems faced and solutions found in different countries. It makes them feel part of a world-wide programme.

Who did the translation?
I translated the texts myself. I can translate easily and rapidly from English into Portuguese. I used both weekend and work time. We opted for a very low-cost approach and simply photocopied it.

Where have you disseminated the newsletter?
We sent a copy to each teacher involved in the UNESCO project - about 150 altogether. We also sent them to the directors of their schools and to all the members of the teacher training college teams who are leading the projects with us. We had already sent them the English version.

What was the reaction to the newsletter?
We had very positive reactions, but have not received many contributions for the next newsletter. We still hope to send you some information from teachers.

Are you able to translate future issues?
We are planning to translate all the issues until the end of the Project, which is December 1998. If I can't translate it next time, I will ask my institute to pay someone to do the job. We can ask the institute to make a more 'formal edition' in Portuguese and send it to many more schools. I believe this activity could and should be included in our work plan for next year.

Ana Bernard da Costa works in the Institute for Innovation in Education in the Ministry of Education in Portugal. She has been involved in implementing the UNESCO Teacher Education Resource Pack throughout Portugal. Short demonstration seminars have been conducted and 'trainer of trainer' courses have been run. In collaboration with five teacher training colleges in different regions a research project has been carried out in 12 schools involving 150 teachers.

Ana can be contacted at: Instituto de Inovacao Educational . Trav. Terras de Santana 15 . 1250 Lisbon . Portugal .Tel: +351 1 3895183 . Fax: +351 1 3895299 . Email:

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