Enabling Education Review 5


Cover Enabling Education Review 5

Editorial: Inclusive education for a changing world
‘Pikin to Pikin Tok’: A participatory and child-friendly radio for education programme in Sierra Leone
Making schools inclusive after Haiti’s earthquake
Getting out the ‘Magic Box’: Using a mobile school to build self-esteem
Inclusive education: Access and quality for Syrian children
Teacher training for inclusion and quality education in emergencies
The practical realities of mobile technology education solutions in conflict contexts
Nurturing a welcoming environment for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK
There is magic in the air! Supporting migrants through play in France
Enriching the mainstream: Supplementary education in the UK
The role of storytelling in inclusive education in Palestine
A community school on a rooftop in Cairo: Climate, challenges, and successes
Building momentum for inclusive education in Afghanistan
Enhancing access to education and training for persons with disabilities in Somalia and Somaliland
Tackling taboos to keep girls in school
Menstrual hygiene in education and in emergencies
Creating a theory of Change for EENET
Disaster risk education: An important process in preparing for emergencies
Resources from the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies
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