Enabling Education Review 2


Cover Enabling Education Review 2

From sceptic to advocate: a personal reflection on the benefits of inclusive education training, Cameroon
Revisiting core assumptions about inclusive education in India
Rethinking training for mainstream teachers, Bulgaria
Researching my own solutions: interview with an inclusive teacher, Malaysia
Developing an itinerant teacher system that supports a twin-track approach to inclusive education, Cambodia
Using itinerant teachers to support inclusion in Togo
Teachers for All: Inclusive teaching for children with disabilities
Deaf Teaching Assistants: providing education and employment opportunities for deaf children and adults in Papua New Guinea
The role of people with disabilities in teacher training in Iraq
Developing resource centres for inclusive education in China
Supporting learners identified as having special educational needs in Moldova
Developing child-centred teaching and learning for inclusion, Burundi
The journey towards inclusive education in Myanmar
Assessing the inclusiveness of mainstream schools in Ghana
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