Enabling Education Review 1


Cover Enabling Education Review 1

A team approach to inclusion, Macedonia
One teacher's journey to inclusive education in Indonesia
Starting the journey towards inclusive education in Cameroon
Learning to include - an example of inclusive education training from Lombok
Rethinking the way we organise schools: An example from India
End corporal punishment in India once and for all!
Striving for better teaching. EENET Interview: Peter Mwanyalo, Kenya
Inclusion in visual workshop activities: Reflections from a blind participant
Addah's story: The challenge of being a teacher with a visual impairment
Learning by observing and doing: Indigenous education in South East Asia
Responding to 21st century imperatives: A new 'Index for Inclusion'
Inclusive education and civic responsibility in Zambia
Leave no-one behind: Disaster risk reduction education for children with disabilities in Indonesia
Networking for social justice: The role of selfhelp groups of blind people, Bangladesh
Disabling university environments
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