Innovations In Developing Countries For People With Disabilities

Edited by Brian O'Toole and Roy McConkey

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"Innovations in developing countries" is a unique resource book for anyone working in community-based services. The seventeen chapters have been written by experienced practitioners drawn from various disciplines and across the continents. Grouped into three main sections - Service Foundations, Meeting Needs and Developing Services - the chapters cover issues as diverse as family involvement, mobilising communities; fund-raising and evaluating services. Since its publication in 1995, the book has been widely used in training courses around the world. It is now available free-of-charge on the Internet thanks to the gracious permission of the publishers, Lisieux Hall Publications.

Roy McConkey

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  1. Towards the new Millennium
    Roy McConkey and Brian O'Toole
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Section 1: Foundations    
  1. Strengthening the Role of Disabled People in CBR Programmes
    David Werner, Health Wrights, USA
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  1. Fostering Parental Involvement
    Pramila Balasundaram, Samadan, India
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  1. Working with Indigenous Peoples
    Laureen Pierre, Guyana CBR Programme, South America
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  1. Attitudes and Beliefs about Disability in Tanzania
    Joseph Kisanji, Tanzania
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  1. Developing Livelihoods
    Mavis Campos, C.B.M, Philippines
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Section 2: Meeting Needs    
  1. Mobilising Communities in Guyana
    Brian O'Toole, Guyana CBR Programme, South America
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  1. Mobilising Parents of Children with Disabilities in Jamaica and the English Speaking Caribbean
    Gerlin Bean and Marigold Thorburn, 3D Projects, Jamaica
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  1. Fostering the Formation of Parents' Associations
    Pål Skogmo, Norwegian Association for Mentally Handicapped, Norway
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  1. Schools for All: National Planning in Lesotho
    Pholoho Khatleli, Lilian Mariga, Lineo Phachaka and Sue Stubbs, Save the Children UK, Lesotho
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  1. Self-directed Employment and Economic Independance in Low-income Countries
    Aldred Neufeldt, University of Calgary, Canada
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Section 3: Developing Services    
  1. Mothers of Disabled Children as CBR Workers
    Barney McGlade and Rita Aquino, Kasamaka CBR Programmes, Philippines
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  1. Linking with Primary Health Care Services: Experiences from Vietnam
    Tran Trong Hai and Nguyen Thu Nhan, Vietnam
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  1. Education of Personnel: the Key to Successful Community Based Rehabilitation
    Padmani Mendis, WHO Consultant, Sri Lanka
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  1. Funding Services Word
    Bill Brohier, CBM Consultant, Malaysia
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  1. Evaluation Based Planning for Rehabilitation Programmes in India
    Maya Thomas and Maliakal Thomas, Actionaid, India
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  1. Changing CBR Concepts in Indonesia: Learning from Programme Evaluation
    Handojo Tjandrakusuma, Douglas Krefting and Laura Krefting, CBR Development and Training Centre, Indonesia
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© 1995: Lisieux Hall Publications in association with Associazione Italiana Amici di Raoul Follereau


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