Hand-out 6B - Activity Sheet Accompanying 'Leila Al Hamra'

Leila Al Hamra



The following activities can be done by the children after reading the story of 'Leila Al Hamra'. It is recommended that the children are divided in small groups of 4/5, read the story with each other and discuss the questions below. Afterwards a representative of each group can feedback their answers to the whole group.

1. How do you think Leila felt when she was not allowed to play with the others?

If children do not allow you to join in their play, how would you feel? What would you do when other children do not allow you to join them?

2. Leila has a disability and the people in the village think she can not do anything. They also think that she is weak. When you think of a person with a disability, what do you think?

Why do you think this? Do you know this from disabled people themselves or from others?

Leila showed us that what the people were thinking was wrong. Did it ever happen to you that people were thinking something wrong about you?

What did you do to show them that they were wrong?

3. The people from the village wanted to kill the wolf, but Leila stopped them. Why do you think Leila wanted to give the wolf a second chance?

When someone is not very nice to you, would you give them a second chance? Why?

Developed by: Najat Soboh and Lucienne Maas.


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