Hand-out 4A - Education and Inclusion

The participants are asked to discuss issues related to:
1. Going to and from your local school.
2. Being part of the class of the local school.
3. Being part of the local school as a whole.

Going to and from your local school.
Private car/public transportation/walking - learning to use it, using money - recognising roads/neighbourhoods - being seen by others in the neighbourhood - recognising the people of the neighbourhood - being able to talk about them with others (gossip) - being with others; reviewing home work/tests - pointing things out to each other - discuss gossip/politics etc. - buy things at the local shop - discuss things which happened during the day at school/in class - gossip about teachers - when picked up by parents discuss with them - going to other places (clubs) after school.

Being part of the classroom of your local school:
Being able to find children in the neighbourhood to discuss home work/tests etc. - friends from the class will be from same neighbourhood (for play outside school) - Teachers will be from same town/village, enabling to talk about them with others - sharing other activities together as school plays, trips, assemblies, singing the national anthem etc..

Being part of the same local school:
Being able to discuss school issues with others from different ages (brothers, sisters, cousins, sometimes even parents etc.)- discussing teachers - discussion how certain teachers give exams - exchange of papers/tests etc. - being part of school activities as summer camps etc. - taking part in contests etc. - being part of issues at the start of the year as uniforms, books etc.. - sharing days off, special days with children from the same school/neighbourhood.


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