An International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) Seminar on Inclusive Education

Appendix 4 (Main document)

Programme Profiles

Programmes (represented by participants)

Training of non-formal primary school teachers working in NGO schools;
Five day training for teachers on disability and IE.

The Law on Compulsory Education was passed in 1986;
Integrated Education programme began in Anhui province in1988;
The Law on the Protection on the Rights of the Disabled, passed in 1991;
Children with mild learning difficulties have been successfully integrated into kindergartens, with support from SCF(UK).

In-service teacher training and community development work in the Somali region of Ethiopia supported by SCF(UK);
The concept of IE is being introduced to the Ministry of Education through the regular teacher training programme.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Strong tradition of institutional care and medical model of defectology;
Encouragement of parents' organisations. Development of community responses to disability;
IE being implemented in early years education with SCF(UK) support.

National IE programme supported by UNESCO;
Training of teachers is based on UNESCO pack;
Collaboration at national level on special education and rehabilitation issues between ministries of Health, Education and Social Welfare;
Joint funding by WHO, ILO and UNESCO. No national policy on IE.

Disabled Person's Act of 1990 means that IE is now a right;
Project Integration Education (PIED) was started in the late 1980s by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) with supported from the Ministry of Human Resource Development & UNICEF;
UNESCO Teacher Education pack has been implemented & evaluated in a multi-site action research project;
NGO-run CBR programmes are widespread;
Mobilisation of disabled people for social action;
Blind Men's Association trains parents and teachers;
Leprosy work as part of Primary Health Care.

Only a few disabled children attending mainstream school;
IE supported by local NGO and SCF(UK).

National policy on inclusive education (IE) developed in1987;
National IE programme implemented by the Ministry of Education's Special Education Unit;
Pre-service and in-service teacher training materials, including a video package, have been produced. National parents' organisation plays an active role in IE;
Sign language is taught in schools where IE has been introduced.

Sign language development programme is linked with CBR.

Promotion of 'integration' since 1990 by the Special Education Department in the Ministry of Education;
Pilot IE project based on UNESCO pack will start in 1998;
Close collaboration with national CBR programme & parents' organisation.

A three year pilot project on IE has been set up by the Palestinian National Authority in the Ministry of Education;
Child-to-Child methodology is used as an entry point to schools.

Papua New
Guinea A national IE policy was developed in 1990 as a result of NGO lobbying;
IE has been included in the primary teacher training syllabus;
Close collaboration with CBR;
Sign language has been successfully introduced in some pre-schools.

Special school for autistic children;
Some children are integrated on a part-time basis.
Literacy and development work with tribal peoples.

South Africa
A national policy on IE has been developed as an integral part of the overall educational reform process;
"Barrier-free learning" is replacing the term special needs education;
National parents' organisation is campaigning for inclusion.

Sri Lanka
CBR programmes and units in regular schools.

Large numbers of children not attending school due to poverty and war;
IE has not yet been introduced.

Disabled children have been integrated into their local schools through the Ministry of Health's CBR programme;
Child to child methodology is used by CBR workers to introduce the concept of IE to teachers and children in mainstream schools.

CBR training for grassroots workers from east and southern Africa;
Home based education on the Activities of Daily Living for parents of severely disabled children;
Children with mild impairments encouraged to attend local schools.

South Vietnam:
Community-based approach to IE supported by SCF(UK)
IE succesfully implemented in a small number of kindergartens.

North Vietnam:
National policy on IE is in the process of being developed with support from Radda Barnen (SCF-Sweden).


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