An International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) Seminar on Inclusive Education

Appendix 1 (Main document)

Preparation for the seminar

1. Facilitators' Terms of Reference Role of facilitation team

The overall responsibility of the facilitation team is to ensure that the participants are able to share their experience, identify and discuss their concerns and issues in productive ways. The team will also ensure that the seminar is well documented to enable the production of a comprehensive report, and later, possibly a book.

Tasks and responsibilities Prior to the seminar

Facilitators are responsible for reviewing and collating information about participants using the information on the application forms and any programme material submitted. Meetings will be held prior to the seminar to clarify roles and responsibilities; share experience and skills; and finalise the initial agenda, and structure and methodology of the seminar.This will involve:

During the seminar

Skills required

2. Inclusive Education

The following broad definitions of inclusive education were circulated prior to the seminar as a guide to participants of what the facilitators understood by the term.

Inclusive education:

3. Participants' Application Form


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