EENET Zambia

EENET Zambia was established in 2007. This national network is led by Francis Simui and Charity Namitwe, who both studied on the M.Ed. Inclusive Education course at Manchester University. While in Manchester, they learned about, were inspired by and did voluntary work for EENET, before returning home determined to support better information sharing in their country.

EENET Zambia aims to promote dialogue on inclusive education, to highlight the challenges being faced by Zambian communities and enable them to develop their own solutions.

Although still a new network, Sight Savers International Zambia has generously loaned office space, and a small website has been started.

EENET Zambia is looking for articles and longer documents about inclusive education in Zambia to publish on the website.

If you have ideas and experiences to share, or if you could assist with developing the network's activities or funding, please contact EENET Zambia.

Tel: +260 978 882 952