Girl Child Empowerment Nigeria (GCEN)

Introducing GCEN

GCEN is a non-governmental organisation which aims to help girls and young women to realise their potential, develop skills and achieve empowerment, and to encourage them to take up leadership positions.

We focus particularly on girls and young women who have become mothers at an early age. These girls are frequently denied their rights to an education and to other social support mechanisms. They face increased poverty and health risks (for themselves and their children) and are often forced to engage in risk-taking behaviour to survive. GCEN strives to help such girls to participate in social, educational, health, political and economic activities, to the benefit of themselves and the wider society. We work through partnerships, networking, lesson-sharing, participatory development and institutional support to reduce the poverty and dependence of young women and their children.

Articles and Documents from CGEN

GCEN team, from left: Emelike Ikwegbulam,
Aniekan Ekpan, Nene Azubuko, Ubon Uka

GCEN and inclusive education networking

GCEN has begun, through its partnership with EENET, to develop a focus on inclusive education, promoting children’s rights to education and focusing not just on inclusion for girls in education, but also for other marginalised children, such as working children and disabled children.

Our networking and information-sharing activities so far have included workshops, school visits, community meetings, letter-writing to key agencies and individuals, and dissemination of documents on inclusive education (eg, EENET’s newsletter). We try to involve children as well as adults in our activities.

GCEN’s current focus is within Nigeria, but we have already developed some networking links in neighbouring countries, and hope one day to do more networking in the wider West Africa region.

Join GCEN in networking and information sharing

Networking and information sharing is not just about one organisation presenting its message and giving out documents – we need other organisations and individuals to join in and become active networkers with us!

GCEN is looking for people in Nigeria (and neighbouring countries) who want to get involved in sharing experiences and ideas about inclusion and exclusion in education. For example:

If you want to share ideas, tell your story or simply gain access to more information about inclusive education, or if you want to support our work, please contact GCEN.

Contact details for GCEN

Nene Azubuko
Girl Child Empowerment Nigeria (GCEN)
PO Box 4433
Tel/fax: +234 (0)9 670 3230