Regional and national networking


EENET encourages and supports the development of other information sharing networks around the world focusing on inclusive education. This section offers information about national and regional networks. You will find brief descriptions of the networks and details of how to contact them, along with links to their own websites and/or newsletters (where available).

If you are already involved in information sharing work, or if you feel that your organisation already has the capacity needed to start networking on inclusive education issues, then we would like to hear from you. EENET may be able to offer you advice on information sharing/networking, and may be able to provide basic core documents and materials which would assist you in the development of your network.

We would, however, like to stress that EENET is not a funding agency. We are therefore not able to offer financial support to organisations wishing to start or expand an information sharing network in their part of the world. Please do not send us funding applications!

EENET-inspired networks exist in:
Eastern Africa