EENET Eastern Africa

What is EENET Eastern Africa?
EENET Eastern Africa (EENET-EA) - established in late 2007 - is an affiliate of global EENET. It is a network of individuals and organisations with different backgrounds and from different parts of the Eastern Africa Region who share a set of common values.

EENET-EA covers Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania. The network is facilitated by a team of volunteers who have a diversity of perspectives representing inclusive and learner-friendly education initiatives in different countries of the region.

EENET-EA aims to involve all countries of the Eastern Africa Region in its efforts and activities. It is currently working towards registering as an NGO and seeking funding to expand its networking and information sharing activities across the region.




EENET Eastern Africa:


If you would like to contact the Eastern Africa network co-ordinator - Evena Massae - by post, please write to:

Evena Massae
PO Box 71434
Dar es Salaam